Difference Between Plaster & Stucco


Many people think that plaster and stucco are one and the same. Truthfully, however, they’re different enough that you should know the differences before you attempt to use them during a renovation project. If the wrong product is used, it may cause more damage to the home. Since the differences between the two products are not as easy to make as looking at their appearances, there are a few tips that help you decipher between the two.

A Look at Plaster vs. Stucco

The differences in plaster and stucco are usually not aesthetic differences that you will quickly notice, though some professionals may notice the subtle differences. Rather, it is the ingredients inside each product that makes it unique. Both are applied in virtually the same way and use the same thicknesses and textures.  The binder that is used is different in each product. The binding agent holds the surfaces together and creates the hard consistency that you notice around the home.

Plaster Types

Plaster comes in two types; lime and gypsum. Both have their pros and cons, but more people use the Gypsum form than Lime.  Stucco is sometimes known as render. It is a coating very similar to the lime plaster. It contains additives that help it better withstand weather elements. Many unusual ingredients are found in stucco, such as animal urine, keratin, marble, eggs, and animal blood.

The Bottom Line: Make a Call

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If you need help determining if there is stucco or plaster used in your home or have a project that requires stucco, be sure to hire a professional stucco contractor hilliard oh to complete the work. Professionals are just one call away and can answer your questions and to complete all of your projects. Not only is it beneficial to hire a stucco contractor, t is affordable and longer-lasting.