Safety & Sustainability In Sewer Repair


Even at a distance, the layman will know that this is one heck of a dirty business. He can smell it from a mile off. This is not a job for the layman. And you need not pity the plumbing technician who, you may have thought, has to plunge to those icky, dirty, smelly depths. This was a dangerous business too. But why is it now in the past tense? Call this then a positive development. Safety having now been taken good care of, the specialist sewer repair work has come along nicely in leaps and bounds to become a pleasingly sustainable business as well.

trenchless sewer repair

It will be so if your plumbing technician is a qualified, experienced and licensed handler. Knowledge and expertise on his side, he will have come across the innovative technologies developed and leading up to what is now known as trenchless sewer repair. And from a distance, the layman can see where this is going to. Indeed, no plumbing technician worth his pipes, fixtures and fittings will be going down that dank and (previously) dangerous hole.

Dank, dark, acrid and awfully smelly, that’s got to remain in the present tense for now. Such is the nature of your sewers and it is not known whether any technological development has occurred to rid your sewers of those ghastly smells. It would not be a bad idea, when you think about it. Because surely intoxicating smells are highly polluting and harmful to surrounding environments. First the inspection.

And then the sustainable, but never dirty, work gets done. Plumbing technicians utilize digitally equipped cameras that are lowered into the sewers to carry out their inspections. And then the famous but never dirty work of repairing your broken sewer pipes can commence.